Let's hang in there.

The handy hammock.

Keeping your hammock dry has never been easier.
After a little nap on this soft mattress, you just flip over your hammock to the back side.
This back side is a made from rough water-resistant tarpaulin.
Rainwater will flow to the middle of the hammock from where it drips on the ground.
The back side is very easy to clean from bird droppings, tree lice or whatever drops on it.



The water-resistant back side made from recycled truck tarpaulin.
This material is created for outdoor use and is known to be very durable.
A special way of constructing prevented the tarpaulin from needle holes which makes the backside 100% waterproof.
Together with the high-quality fabric used for the soft side, the stainless-steel construction parts and the strong seatbelt used to finish the hammock, a long-lasting product is created.

Relax whenever you want!

It is very annoying to bring inside a heavy hammock every day.
But if you forget to do so,… your hammock can end-up staying wet for days.
This hammock is the solution if you lay down in a comfortable hammock, but you don’t want to do all this work just for a little nap.
Most people don’t even have the place to store a large hammock.
No problem. Just leave it outside.
Backside up!