Close Act Design presents The Moving Bench at Masterly Salone del Mobile.

June 2021

In September 2021 Close Act Design will show their MOVING BENCH at the Dutch Pavilion, Masterly – The Dutch in Milano.

Urban design to create spontaneous social interactivity.
A colourful bench in a building, a square or in a park. 
Seats are placed on a rail who can slide to the left and the right. 
Can you step into the blue seat and give me the green one?

In the open air and for public use, the Moving Bench makes people interact with each other.
The Moving Bench is all about the movement between people, the actual reason this project is called the Moving Bench.

From street Theatre to street design
Close Act started as a street theatre company creating large-scale spectacles.
For years the company has been featured as a main act at leading festivals around the world.
The company, renown about their interactive theatre, use the public as their performance area. People get astounded when objects and actors move through and above the crowd.
Close Act created many big objects and machineries and for years, the company wanted to immortalize their machinery in an urban environment.

It’s all about interactivity, the connections we make, the things that move.