We are Close Act Design.
We produce ideas and objects that are solid in every way. From concept creation to timeless product design. Always with the power of imagination.

In our imagination everything is possible. A free mind is the power to new design.

From street theatre to street design.

Close Act was originally a street theatre company that creates large-scale spectacles.
For more than 25 years, the company has been featured as the main act at leading street theatre festivals around the world.

Known for their interactive theatre, the company uses the audience as their performance space. People are amazed when objects and actors move through and above the crowd.

Close Act created many large objects and machines that were used to communicate with the public. For years, the group has wanted to immortalize their creations in an urban environment.It’s about the interactivity, the connections we make, the movement it initiates.

Our goal is to create objects that moves people to do something with it. To provide interactivity between people. It’s all about the movement.

Design with a clear concept in mind; Solid Design.

In 2020 Tonny and Hesther started to improve the concept and develop new design pieces with a clear concept in mind. SOLID DESIGN.

We use materials like solid steel, thick tiles, hardwood beams strong tarpaulin and waterproof quality fabrics.
We will create an eye-catching indoor or outdoor space with solid objects.

Conceptual designs are guaranteed to be strong and timeless. These designs will fit into any environment.


Moving Bench

Slide and select your seat.

Solid Table

Solid as a Rock.


Let's hang in there.